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Building for Everyone


Considering home renovations or investing in a brand new home?

A universally-designed home will accommodate everyone. It’s either built to be immediately usable or can be modified later to suit your changing needs. Everyone will benefit greatly from a home with universal design features, as it makes life more comfortable and enables ease of access and movement throughout everyday tasks.

A home that is constructed with universal design will also be a safer and more welcoming home, easily accommodating your family members and visitors of all ages and abilities. As you grow and age, your housing needs will also change. Planning for these changing needs and abilities helps you better customize your home’s features and can also reduce the need for costly future renovations.

Homebuyers who invest in a universally-designed home will benefit from an open, modern design that will be immensely useful to them in all stages of their lives – from parenthood when frequent in-and-out stroller use and active kids are in play, right through to retirement when mobility issues may become a reality.

That’s when a home with wide, low-tension, level-handled doors and large rooms with other universal design features come in handy. Consider how everyday scenarios will be much easier with universal design – you’ll have a safer home with the added convenience of layouts that allow easy clearance and access for movers, service personnel and equipment if ever you should need them. Finally, universal design can also make your property more valuable and appealing when re-selling.

Universal design just makes sense! Find building guides, tips and more details about universally-designed homes on our Resources page.

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